Notre histoire

Studio LM is the story of Laurent Piccolillo and Mireille Moreno, two photographers based in Béziers in the south of France, specializing in wedding reporting, family and baby photography. We move where you ask us to go. Even though we live in Béziers, we do reports in Montpellier, Geneva, Paris, Tunisia and as far away as Bangkok! We offer a fresh and contemporary style of photography influenced by photojournalism with a natural look inspired by film photography. We don’t ask our customers to pose for us, no, we just help them make more relaxed photos.  Our way of working and as discreet as possible, without being intrusive or interfering in any way. Our goal is to capture amazing images and moments… The only way to get there and be yourself and stay simple and natural, remember, these times are made to last a lifetime and more.

From the moment I held a camera for the first time and captured my first images, I knew I was on to something very special. Seeing these radiant faces, it was the precursor sign that conditioned my career today. Through five years in a photo school in Nimes, training courses and life experiences – the smell of darkroom chemicals never being far away – my dreams of capturing the most memorable moments for others finally led me to photographing weddings and families, in short of love. After all, those moments that are so special to you, are also special for me!

I’ve been in business for 15 years with my darling who supports me and helps me enormously in our business, and when I’m not playing with our two energetic twins, or walking with my dog, I feed my career as a photographer to travel in France or abroad to photograph your stories of love and lives year after year. Seeing the country while documenting such an important day for my clients remains one of my greatest pleasures in my photography business and in my life.

And, as I did for all those people who still remember their family photography that I took when I started, 15 years ago, I look forward to creating these new memories and who will act as a window into the past of your special moments for years to come, all with a burning passion for photography, art, and your love for each other.

Enjoy these precious moments, now and always.

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